July 6, 2022

Mirror Palais’ largest viral success story was nearly a catastrophe.

When designer Marcelo Gaia posted a TikTok of the model’s Fairy Costume — a glittery mini that creates the phantasm of its wearer donning nothing however sparkles — in early 2021, he did not essentially anticipate for it to explode the best way it did. “I would been on TikTok all of Covid, not posting something in any respect, simply being an observer,” he says. This “finding out,” as he places it, ready him to create one thing that had an actual shot at going viral. “I picked the right angelic child [music] and I posted it. Rapidly, I began seeing these numbers of recent people that I would by no means seen in my life earlier than…. I clicked on it and it mentioned 100,000. Then 100,000 changed into 500,000, then one million.”