In a world where the word “Google it” has become more popular than “Use a dictionary”, businesses are quickly realizing the amazing power of Google and all the benefits that it can bring to their business. The best way to unlock the power of Google and jet start your business is through a technique called “Search Engine Optimization” or SEO. Surely you must have heard of the term SEO more than once and always wondered what it means. Suppose you want to search for a good Chinese restaurant in your city. What do you do? You google it! Now when the results appear, you will scroll down and check out all the places listed in the first page. And chances are you go with one of the top 5 results. There is a very remote chance that you’ll check out all the “o”s in Goooooooogle right up to the 31st page or something! That’s SEO. It’s a set of strategies that helps put your business in one of those top 5 results, so that more people looking for something in your industry will click on your link.

Here is a list of reasons why your business needs SEO:
Better marketing
Suppose you run a big furniture business and you have your people out there, putting up billboards, calling up prospects, running advertisements on TV and the like. Most of your hard-work is ignored because people have an unfriendly stigma towards commercials. They are used to ignoring you. Now SEO does not go after people- instead, it delivers the people interested in your services right to your doorstep! If you’re looking for a Chinese restaurant in your city, and google suggests one that is not far from home, looks great and has got great reviews, it’s highly likely that’s where your dinner is going to be! And that didn’t require any advertisements! Super targeted traffic at your doorstep
If you are looking for Chinese restaurants that serve tangerine chicken, then you will probably search “Chinese restaurants serving tangerine chicken” or something similar. Now this is called super-targeted traffic. Basically, you’re a prospective customer to a Chinese restaurant serving tangerine chicken and you’re saying “I want tangerine chicken now and I’m going to go with what Google tells me”. Level playing field for upstarts
If you just started your business a few months ago and have been spending a large portion of your budget on aggressive marketing- like frequent commercials, flyers, booths at trade fairs and such- then there will always be bigger businesses that have much greater resources doing the same thing and grabbing all the customers. And there’s little you can do about it. However, when it comes to SEO, money talks less and creativity and patience talk more. All you need to understand is what people are looking for and how your business helps meet their needs. And you’ll easily be able to project and present yourself better to prospects. Thus Google and SEO proving a more level playing field if you’re an upstart. SEO does a world of good to your business but sometimes too much of a good thing becomes a bad thing. Too many unrelated SEO content in your website may confuse and irritate people and cost you dearly. So its advisable to take some time and understand your market and industry before you start work on SEO.

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