Managing the reputation of an individual or a business online is known as Online Reputation Management. The ethical forms of an online reputation management, is to reply the complaints made by customer or by giving feedbacks on time. One has to be very sensible in commenting back, negative comments may lead to serious issues. It takes years to set a reputation of the company and only minutes to destroy it. Hence, one has to be very careful with the negative commentary. To save you from such situations we are going to tell how to maintain and increase the online reputation of your company.

Enhance your presence on the web: Try to be in the first 10 links of the Google search results. To dominate the search results use SEO techniques. Always show mercy on using keywords in each and every item on your blog or site. You have no control over the negative contents by reviewers and news website but what is in your hand, is to control the positive news you can spread about your company. Write generously about positive things about your brand. Spread your site wherever you get your hands on, LinkdIn, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, tumblr, Pinterest.

Keep a track on your site in Google: Once a month search your own company’s name on Google and take a look at the results. You can even set Google Alerts, so you can be alerted as soon as something related to you comes into the web. Sometimes users just see the first page of the result and close it. But this is not how you should be doing when you are concerned about the reputation management. Check at least 3 to 4 pages, you never know there might be something negative hidden. Figure it out and incase there is a slight negativity hidden somewhere make sure to clarify it before the page comes to first page of result.

How to react to a negative Content: When you see criticism for your company the first thing to do is contact the blogger or the site owner. Discuss the matter with the person and try to make him understand the situation and when nothing else works all you can do is leave a comment on the article explaining your side of story or any kind of explanation which the article deserves.

Online and offline reputation is connected: Your online reputation really depends on offline reputation too. If your direct customers are not satisfied they dare to take the issues online. Beware; treat the customers with respect so you get positive comments, online too.

Final Words: You should make your ranking better in Google search. If not in top 5 at least make sure nothing negative stays on the initial pages. The key to online reputation management highly depends on the appreciation by reviewers and various sites while lesser or no negative contents about your site.

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